April 9th

Well , I don’t think I will win any prizes after this blogging!  I am currently in Alabama visiting a girlfriend of mine who eats just as healthy as I do which is a plus obviously.  We plan to do a few workouts here at her gym and get some running in.

It was a hectic couple of days – 11 for Passover and well it’s a challenging but fun holiday to cook for.  I made alot of healty recipes that turned out really great.  Did some wine drinking but nothing outrageous.

My problem is – I have the shake in the morning then I tend to starve myself until dinner.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I’m trying to eat a meal in between.

Today I had my Vega mix dring in the morning follwed by a nice salad from Farm Fresh in Hunstville, AL and tomorrow a great workout planned.

My girlfriend Jenny has an interesting read: the Eat-Clean Diet – I’ll read it while I’m here and report back.

I do feel more energetic and less tired since I cut out the late night snacks!







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Just starting to Blog today – a little late but I usually am.  That is also something I could work on – has nothing to do with the 90 day challenge – but not being late would be a good thing.

Was measured today – and there is room for improvement!

Had a great Tabata workout today – and feel good.

Breakfast is always the same and I drink this before my workouts. – Vega Powder Chocolate flavor mixed with One tablespoon of E3AFA flakes (Blue Green Algae) plus 8 drops of Cell Food in 8oz of water.  I take with that 1000iu of Vit D, 800mg Folic Acid, 1000mg Biotin and B-50 complex.  You get used to it.

I’m really conscious about my water intake – and I really try to drink at least six 8oz bottles of water.  When I think about it. A great book to read which people always tease me is “You’re not sick you’re thirsty”  It’s a short book – just gives you all the great benefits of water in your system.  Frankly I’m hooked on flavor water – probably not the purest of course but I don’t buy the artificially sweetened ones.  If you do buy flavor water be sure to read the ingredients – you’ll be surprised at some of the additives.  The flavor just helps me get it down!  

Going to try not to sip a meal today – I have that tendency – then I’m starved at dinner.  Then I tend to eat after that “7pm cut off” – so bad for my body – I don’t end of sleeping right, etc.. So I’ve not done that for two days now.  Feeling better already! 





Breakfast always the same – Vega Drink Powder with 8oz of water.  I can’t eat a lot in the morning.

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